According to the dictionary Oxford Languages, confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Just reading that definition made what I have been saying about myself even more solid. For once in my life, I appreciate myself. I see myself, and I am beginning to love myself.Continue reading “Confidence”

Where’s the Manual?

What is right or wrong when it comes to communicating with the opposite sex? I am always asking myself that very question. Momma always told me growing up that the lady does not chase the guy; she lets the guy chase her, so I have always been afraid to make any kind of move. Don’tContinue reading “Where’s the Manual?”

What Made You You?

I read something the other day that really touched me. Maria Consiglio said, “Both narcissists and empaths suffered from early childhood trauma. The empaths took that pain and became more compassionate, not wanting others to suffer the same fate they did, while the narcissists got angry and decided to take their anger out on theContinue reading “What Made You You?”

Just Touching Base

In previous blogs I have mentioned that I am not sure my career is what I want to do anymore. This past Thursday I started my tenth year of teaching. Three days prior to that I started my professional development days miserable while people walked through the doors with an optimistic and cheerful attitude. IContinue reading “Just Touching Base”


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